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Cascade Investment Compliance & Verification, LLC provides focused expertise to help managers and asset owners achieve and maintain independently verified compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®).  Let’s start a conversation. Whatever your business stage or state of compliance, we can help you with: independent third-party verifications, performance examination and review services, and comprehensive consulting services.

We consider every client communication an opportunity to deliver on professional excellence, and we welcome ongoing questions and dialogue as a rewarding part of our professional partnerships.  Founded by a respected name among plan sponsors and consultants, we’re committed to providing accountability and promoting investment industry best practices for GIPS compliance and verification so that your clients know their money is invested in a firm they can trust.

Cascade Compliance brings together a collaborative, accessible network of knowledgeable professionals with decades of audit and industry experience. Not only can we answer the tough questions with insight from first-hand experience, we can focus on your particular needs whether your firm is considering implementation of a GIPS compliance project, the impact of a merger or acquisition on the portability of a performance record, or how to improve your current practices for maintaining robust performance policies and procedures.

The GIPS standards are ethical standards established to ensure fair representation and full disclosure of a firm’s investment performance.  They are also practical as a framework for how to create an internal process for compiling and reporting composite performance. For firms that want to make sure they don’t accidentally present performance information that is false or misleading, the GIPS standards are the road map for the investment industry globally.

The GIPS standards provide a comprehensive framework with each section and sub-section acting as a stepping stone that bridges different departments, creates a discipline around documentation, and facilitates much-needed internal dialogue between client service teams, compliance, marketing, operations, and portfolio managers.

Cascade Investment Compliance & Verification, LLC

  • Our Mission

    To help clients with GIPS® best practices and provide guidance, clarity and expert accountability for the investment industry.
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