Benefit Corp

Cascade Compliance is registered as a Benefit Company because we believe in the power of business as a force for good. We are bringing the same conscientious, sophisticated review of our clients’ compliance practices to our own business and operations decisions. Our plan is to create and continuously review and improve the positive impact we make on an inclusive economy that works for everyone.

How can a service organization develop an impact statement, you ask? Inspired by the owner of A to Z Vineyards in a Rotary speech about B Corps (she pays a fair price for grapes right here in Oregon even if there’s a glut in the market and she could pay less!), I thought that was just too cool for her, her suppliers and her workers who get all kinds of upward mobility training and full healthcare benefits, and I’m glad Costco carries her wines. So I took my inspiration to my own office.

Then I did my homework at the B Lab and explored dozens of best practices where service companies can be held accountable to make a difference, too.  Cascade Compliance is establishing baselines with a few exciting goals for interacting with our employees and local communities in Oregon and New York for 2018, and we invite you to check back in 2019 to read our B Impact Assessment after our first year in business.

Interested in seeing how your company measures up? Check out the Standards, Benchmarks and Tools at the B Lab.